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I'm not sick of being human
I'm only sick of breathing dread
There's fewer days 'til my head expires
Than I know that you have left
Well I'm standing in my closet
Just to see how small I was
In a room where all that's bigger
Is your conscious brave enough

When it's dirty flooded through your ears
And all my time's with you
Painful infatuation
Is why your expectation's bruised

Unquestionable patience
Aren't you battered from giving up
You're gracious living proof
That I've wasted just enough
Leant sturdiness to doubt and gave
Brittle grounds to murder
Of every place that stood a chance
Of having us remember

The spirit of a misplaced mistress
Guiding you to hell
The echoes only so far
So you never get to tell

Oh so young and painful
Is the blame in your eyes still dark
I've wasted here for years but still
The coldest places start
Divided between senses
Won't you give me back my sight
Living over me for years
Honey, brightness isn't bright
You know that it's poison
It's regret made low to taste
And now it's all I know
So you'll digest it in just this way
There's nothing here for pleasure
Does nothing here exist
Decrepit and disdained I've been
White and I've been missed

If days are longer now that it's
The future in my head
I'm not sick of being human
I'm sick of breathing dread


from Ferris Wheel, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


ioda rosa Melbourne, Australia

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